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Conjoined Cheerleader Twins (Sprite Edit) by UnusualGuy15 Conjoined Cheerleader Twins (Sprite Edit) :iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 7 3 Legendary Dog Cerberus (Raikou x Entei x Suicune) by UnusualGuy15 Legendary Dog Cerberus (Raikou x Entei x Suicune) :iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 7 0 Sylvee (Sylveon x Eevee Conjoinment) by UnusualGuy15 Sylvee (Sylveon x Eevee Conjoinment) :iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 6 0 Umbrespeon (Umbreon x Espeon Conjoinment) by UnusualGuy15 Umbrespeon (Umbreon x Espeon Conjoinment) :iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 9 20 Eeveelution Cerberus by UnusualGuy15 Eeveelution Cerberus :iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 10 2
Stuck With Love, Part 3
Dani and Carol. Two sworn enemies who, after being conjoined somehow, had just kissed. Such an act is romantic, so why would the two enemies kiss? Well, aside from it being in the heat of the moment, there is another reason...
"Mm..." Both of the girls found themselves enjoying the kiss, but soon realised what they had just done. They suddenly broke apart, blushing intensely.
"Sh-shit, what did we just do?!" Dani looked awkward. "I d-didn't mean to ki-kiss you!"
"N-neither did I!" Carol said, looking away. Then she looked back at Dani, who looked so cute when she was flustered.
Sighing, Carol wondered why she'd fought with her all those years, and also why they'd both clearly been enjoying this kiss. Then it hit her.
"..Dani... I... I think that I'm in love with you." Carol confessed. The kiss seemed to have pushed her to realise something important. Had Dani realised it too?
"Carol... I... Me too." Dani replied. "Ever since we first met... I felt this feeling."
"Me too... I... I think
:iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 18 3
Zorocario (Zoroark x Lucario Conjoinment) by UnusualGuy15 Zorocario (Zoroark x Lucario Conjoinment) :iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 4 141
Stuck With Love, Part 2
"What the fuck is this?!"
The girls, who were now conjoined, panicked and tried desperately to push away from each other and separate. But they were stuck, almost as if they'd used industrial-strength glue on themselves. And most of us probably know how stuck they get.
"Get off me!" Dani yelled, uselessly shoving Carol."I bet you did this to us! It's probably your fetish or something!"
"Fetish?! You're the one who's a lesbian here!" Carol snapped.
"Did you seriously just call me that?! And you said it like it's a bad thing too!"
"Ugh, just get off me!" Carol tried pushing her away, but they were too close. "There's no way in hell I'm staying stuck to you!"
"For once in my life, I agree with you!" Dani spat."I can't be conjoined with someone who pisses me off as much as you!"
Both girls tried walking, but couldn't even move their legs at this point. After multiple attempts, they gave up.
"Shit, we're stuck!" Dani was visibly annoyed. Every time she looked up, she had to look at Car
:iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 26 116
Gardelade (Gardevoir x Gallade Conjoinment) by UnusualGuy15 Gardelade (Gardevoir x Gallade Conjoinment) :iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 7 30
Stuck With Love, Part 1
This is a story of two girls. Two relatively normal girls who, for a certain reason, were enemies for years, until a strange incident made them realise how they really felt.
The slightly older one was called Danielle Akatsuki Kendal, or 'Dani', as she was usually called. She was one-quarter Japanese, hence her middle name being of that language. Her shoulder-length hair was a nice shade of brown, and she was of an average height and weight, as well as being relatively well-endowed in the chest department. Personality-wise, she was a tomboy to a degree that some called her a lesbian. Things that make her angry include underestimating her because of her cute face, and...
Carol. Caroline Angela Pearson. She was almost exactly like Dani, except she was more feminine. Her chest was a little smaller, and her hair was longer, often tied back in a ponytail, too.
The two girls seemed like they would be best friends to most people. But they were actually enemies, which is the total opposite of f
:iconunusualguy15:UnusualGuy15 27 32


VERSUS! by canvascruise VERSUS! :iconcanvascruise:canvascruise 39 6 Sai Amp in Swimming Suit by TwinBlazar Sai Amp in Swimming Suit :icontwinblazar:TwinBlazar 26 3 PATREON - Lineart Conjoined Humantaur by AccessWorld
Mature content
PATREON - Lineart Conjoined Humantaur :iconaccessworld:AccessWorld 120 6
Hugs! by canvascruise Hugs! :iconcanvascruise:canvascruise 68 11
Mature content
LOST Files: Charlie and Charli Graves :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 8 6
Request 5/5 Adopted (Fur JBlaser) by ChristianOpina Request 5/5 Adopted (Fur JBlaser) :iconchristianopina:ChristianOpina 62 28 Tomodachi Girls by AngEmagination Tomodachi Girls :iconangemagination:AngEmagination 2 8
Love and Olive- Part 1
A normal school day at Dairy High, it was. Students were chatting, gossiping, simple student stuff.
I’d have called it a good day...if only I wasn't always left out.
I'm Olive Pistachio. I was just that one classmate no one really cared about. Well, no one, except this one weirdo in our class, Emily Licorice.
Emily was that one kid who would wear clothes dark enough to match her soul, and looked really much like an emo. She wouldn't let anyone sit next to her at class breaks, and I heard once she threatened a teacher. She was colder than anywhere in Dessertia.
It was time for History class. Practically no one could stay awake the entire period.
“Turn your books to page 105,” Mr. Caramel told us. I'm pretty sure that was the loudest it's been in that period.
So we did. But like zombies. No noise, save for a few grunts and sounds of pages being turned.
The least fun part of the class began. “Now, who was the first emperor of Dessertia?” Mr. Caramel asked us.
:iconangemagination:AngEmagination 3 1
??? Foundation Files: SF09
I decided to pay a visit to the local prison so I could see my old friend.
“Kenki! A visitor!” one person yelled. The Crawdaunt sighed. I walked to his prison cell.
“Dr. Immet,” he called out with a subtle angry face. “Kenki,” I replied. “It's been a while.”
Kenki looked around. “Why are you here?” he asked me.
“I just want to bond with my old friend.”
“You hate me.”
“That's in the past. Remember when we met after I made SF07?”
We laughed a bit. “Yeah. Remember when you last saw me?” Kenki asked.
“I remember it like it was yesterday.”
Misty the Delphox and her father, an Ursaring, were sitting in a living room in their house, waiting for Misty’s half-brother.
“Where is that idiot?” Misty angrily wondered.
Then, a Zoroark entered the house. “Oh… You're here,” he said.
“Where have you been, Dash?” Misty
:iconangemagination:AngEmagination 5 0
COM- Henry and Meagan by TheLovelyVocal COM- Henry and Meagan :iconthelovelyvocal:TheLovelyVocal 31 14 Request 3/5: Maya and Rina (Fur Mylon) by ChristianOpina Request 3/5: Maya and Rina (Fur Mylon) :iconchristianopina:ChristianOpina 57 11
Mature content
LOST Files: Callie, Tabitha, and Savanna :iconnolaa08:Nolaa08 9 0
Orange and Blood Orange by ShiRiterature Orange and Blood Orange :iconshiriterature:ShiRiterature 11 3
??? Foundation Files: SF07
Koru and Magissa came out of the stasis tube. I was a little afraid of what they would do, but, at the same time, relieved they were back.
Then, they suddenly grabbed me with their only arm. “Dr. Immet!” both of them spitefully let out.
“I’m sorry!” I cried out, trying to break free. “I'm sorry!” The women mercifully let me go.
“We'll give you thirty seconds to explain yourself,” Magissa said in a threatening tone, even for a ghost.
“Fine. I wanted to create bioweapons to destroy a bunch of aliens to create even stronger bioweapons. I'm sorry! I was too ambitious!” I pathetically explained.
“Why'd you defrost us?” Koru demanded.
“That part of my over,” I replied nervously. “I guess everyone’s...happy now.”
“And what about your black belly?” Magissa interrogated. I was getting tired of these questions, but I was forced to succumb to them.
“I told someon
:iconangemagination:AngEmagination 6 1
Request: Shiro by Gin-air-rick-name Request: Shiro :icongin-air-rick-name:Gin-air-rick-name 4 0 Black Licorice by AngEmagination Black Licorice :iconangemagination:AngEmagination 2 5



I made a Discord server for shitposting.
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Conjoined Cheerleader Twins (Sprite Edit)
I know some people have made these before, but I tried it for myself and made this. I made their colours match too.

This is an edit of a sprite from Pokémon Black and White.

Check it out if you like Pokémon and/or conjoinment.
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The story 'Stuck With Love' is moving to :iconembaura99: - the account I share with :iconnolaa08: - and will be there for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Parts 1-3:
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I don't care about the US election result, but I care enough to say that I don't.
I made a Discord server for shitposting.
  • Watching: Jigoku Shoujo


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United Kingdom
l like some weird things, so you have every right to think I'm strange. But I'm not gonna list what I'm into here, so figure it our yourself or just ask me.

If you wanna RP, I'll be happy to. Just tell me!

I'm bisexual too, by the way.

Currently Watching: Samurai Flamenco


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